Presbytery Prayer Point 21.10.2020

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20201021 Presbytery Prayers

Presbytery Intimations 18.10.2020

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Intimations 18.10.2020

Blytheswood Shoe Box Appeal 16.10.2020

Please find attached further update from Pat Rawson.



Presbytery Prayer Point 14.10.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery Prayers and the Prayer Rota for the year ahead.

20201014 Presbytery Prayers

Presbytery of Argyll Prayer Rota 2020-21 full year

Presbytery Intimations 11.10.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery Intimations.


Blytheswood Shoe Box Appeal

Please click on the link below from Pat Rawson to find out how you can contribute to this year’s appeal.


Presbytery Prayer Point 7.10.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery Prayer.

20201007 Presbytery Prayers

Presbytery Intimations 4.10.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery Intimations.

For those wishing to view an online service these are listed as part of the intimations.The services led by Rev Janet MacKellar (The Shore Kirk) and Rev David Mitchell (West Cowal) are particularly recommended and include a telephone link.

Intimations 4.102020 17.29.08

Pastoral Care – Interim Arrangements

Anyone requiring pastoral care, should for the time being, contact their elder or Session Clerk who will refer the matter to the appropriate person or the Interim Moderator.

Killean & Kilchenzie Church Calendar 2021

The very popular Killean and Kilchenzie Church Calendar (£6) is now available from the following local outlets: Coastal Design, Bellochantuy Hotel, Glenbarr Shop, Muasdale Shop,Big Jessie’s and Clachan Filling Station. We hope to add another couple more in Campbeltown nearer Christmas. Meanwhile anyone unable to get to any of the outlets can ‘phone Margaret on 01583421317 or email

Presbytery Prayer Point 30.9.2020

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20200930 Presbytery Prayer

Presbytery Intimations 27.9.2020

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Intimations 27.9.2020

Presbytery Prayer Point 23.9.2020

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20200923 Presbytery Prayers

Presbytery Intimations and report 20.9.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery Intimations and report.

Intimations 20.9.2020pdf

exp report to presbytery August 2020


Presbytery Prayer Point 16.9.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery Prayer.

20200916 Presbytery Prayers

Presbytery Civic Prayer Breakfast 18.9.2020

Please click on the link below to find details and contact the Presbytery Clerk if you would like to be a part of this.Contact details on invitation.

Invitation to Members of Congregations

Presbytery Intimations 13.9.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery Intimations.

Intimations 2020-9-13 10.01.59

A’Chleit Guild Afternoon Tea 9.9.2020

Pat Rawson Guild Convener organised a socially distanced afternoon tea outside her house.She was joined by other Guild members for tea and cake.Thank you Pat for organising this – just in time before restrictions were tightened further!!

muasdale guild week





Presbytery Prayer Point 9.9.2020

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20200909 Presbytery Prayers

Presbytery Intimations and report 13.9.2020

Please click on the links below to access this week’s Presbytery Intimations and the report of this week’s meeting of Presbytery.

Presbytery Intimations etc    and Presbytery Report1 September 2020

Church Chat September 2020

Please click on the attached link to access this month’s Church Chat newsletter.

CC49 Sep ’20

Killean and Kilchenzie Church Calendar 2021

The Killean Kilchenzie Church Calendar is now available for purchase (£6) from several local outlets-Argyll Hotel  Bellochantuy ,Glenbarr Stores and Muasdale Shop.Others will be added in the near future.

Thanks to Marilyn Shedden for supplying the lovely photos and arranging the printing of the calendar.Here is a taster of some of them……


April – Ploughing at South Muasdale
August – Glencraigs Farm
December – sunset over Islay


Presbytery Prayer Point 2.9.2020

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20200902 Presbytery Prayers

Presbytery Intimations 30.8.2020

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Intimations 30.8.2020

Crossreach Christmas Catalogue (yes I know it’s August!)

Please find details attached on link below


Presbytery Prayer Point 26.8.2020

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20200826 Presbytery Prayers

Presbytery Intimations 23.8.2020

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Intimations 23.8.2020 1

Presbytery Intimations 2.8.2020/9.8.2020/16.8.2020

Please click on the link below to access the Presbytery Intimations for the next three weeks.



Church Chat August 2020

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CC48 Aug ’20

Update 5 from 121 31.7.2020

Please click on the link below to access the latest news from the Church of Scotland.This latest update provides further advice to Presbytery and congregations as we move through Phase 3 of the Scottish Government’s route map out of lockdown.


Fundraising!! 31.7.2020

With our Churches remaining closed and all our normal fundraising events cancelled,Guild members from Killean and Kilchenzie have come up with other ideas to raise funds.Please see attached report from Pat Rawson Guild President. The total raised has increased further to over £1,000. Well done to all involved!!


A typical selection of Guild baking!
Let them eat Cake!!

Presbytery Prayer Point 29.7.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery Prayer.

20200729 Presbyytery Prayers


Presbytery Intimations 26.7.2020

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Intimations 26.7.2020


Presbytery Prayer Point 22.7.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery prayer.

20200722 Presbytery Prayers FINAL

Presbytery Intimations 19.7.2020

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Intimations 19.7.2020

Presbytery Intimations 12.7.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery Intimations

Intimations 12.7.2020


Update 4 from 121 9.7.2020

Please click on the link below to get the latest news from 121


Presbytery Prayer Point 8.7.2020

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20200708 Presbytery Prayers

Crossreach Newsletter July 2020

Please click on the link below to access the latest Crossreach newsletter.

CR info sheet July 2020

Presbytery Intimations 5.7.2020

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Presbytery Intimations

Vision Argyll Zoom meeting 13.7.2020 at 7pm

Further to Marilyn’s article in July’s Church Chat Vision Argyll has arranged a further Zoom meeting to discuss the future of the Church going forward.Our Minister,Rev Scott Burton is one of three panel members giving a short presentation- this will be followed by questions and a discussion.There will be 4 discussion topics.If you would like to participate could you please let Marilyn know in advance which discussion group you would like to be part of.

Please click on the links below to access the programme and discussion topics.


Discussion topics

Church Chat July 2020

Please click on the link below to access this month’s Church Chat.

CC47 July ’20CC47 July ’20

Presbytery Prayer Point 1.7.2020

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20200701 Presbytery Prayers

Presbytery Intimations and Ministers Update 28.6.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery Intimations

Intimations 28.6.2020 

Ministers Update 25 June 2020

Presbytery Prayer Point 24.6.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s prayer.


Presbytery Intimations and Update 3 from 121   21.6.2020

Please click on the links below to access these.

Intimations 21.6.2020



Presbytery Prayer Point 17.6.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Wednesday prayer.

20200617 Presbytery Prayer

Presbytery Intimations and Notes from recent Presbytery Meeting 14.6.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s intimations and notes from Presbytery Meeting.

Intimations 14.6.2020

Deliverances from Presbytery Meeting of 2 June 2020

Presbytery Prayer Point 10.6.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Wednesday prayer.

20200610 Presbytery Prayer

Presbytery Intimations 7.6.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery Intimations.

Intimations 7.6.2020

Hannah’s Dove

Following last Sunday’s Pentecostal children’s service,Hannah McLellan,a member of A’Chleit Sunday School completed the craft activity – to make a dove using a paper plate.Well done Hannah!

Presbytery Prayer Point 3.6.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Wednesday prayer.Argyll Presbytery has a new Moderator,Rev Owain Jones from Bute.The UCB youtube channel which he refers to is United Churches Bute.

Presbytery Prayer

Update from the National Church 2.6.2020

Please click on the link below to read the latest news from 121.


Church Chat June 2020

Please click on the link below to access this month’s Church Chat.Thanks again to Peter for producing it and to those who contributed the lovely paintings.

CC45 June ’20-2

Presbytery Intimations 31.5.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery Intimations.

Intimations 31.5.2020

Presbytery Prayer Point 27.5.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Wednesday prayer.


Presbytery Intimations 24.5.2020

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Intimations 24.5.2020

Presbytery Prayer Point 20.5.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Wednesday prayer.


Presbytery Intimations 17.5.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery Intimations

Intimations 17.5.20

Presbytery Prayer Point 13.5.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Wednesday prayer.


Assembly Trustees 12.5.2020

Please see attached email from the Assembly Trustees.

Webinar Announcement(from Assembly trustees)


Presbytery Intimations 10.5.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery Intimations.

Presbytery Intimations 10.5.2020


Presbytery Prayer Point 6.5.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Wednesday prayer. This week’s prayer is especially relevant to us here in Kintyre and Gigha.


Photos from West Kintyre and Gigha ( courtesy of Marilyn)

During this period of lockdown we are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the country which we will be able to enjoy once again when restrictions are lifted.Meanwhile stay at home and stay safe.

Presbytery Intimations 3.5.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery Intimations.

Presbytery Intimations pdf

Church Chat May 2020

Please click on the link below to read this month’s Church Chat.Thanks again to Peter for producing it.

CC44 May ’20

Presbytery Prayer Point 29.4.2020

Please see attached prayer for 29.4.2020.


Presbytery Intimations 26.4.2020

Please click on the link below to access this week’s Presbytery Intimations

Intimations 26.4.20

Presbytery Prayer Point 22.4.2020

Please see attached prayer for Wednesday 22nd April. Click on the link below.


Presbytery Intimations for 19.4.2020

Please click on link below to access this week’s Presbytery Intimations

Presbytery Intimations 19.4.2020

Life and Work Magazine 17.4.2020

Please click on link below to access May’s edition of Life and Work.Of particular interest is the Parish News page 47 – it features an article recognising the outstanding service of Southend elder Mr Neil Ronald who has retired after 32 years as Session Clerk.Neil will be continuing to serve as an elder and roll keeper.Also on the same page is a photograph which includes Rev Gary McIntyre who was born and brought up in Campbeltown.


The country may be in lockdown and our Churches closed but it’s good to see that nature continues to produce colour and growth as this photo of the road down to A’Chleit Church shows.

Presbytery Prayer Point 15.4.2020

Please see attached prayer for Wednesday 15th April.PPP.Week4.15.4.20

Easter Sunday 12.4.2020

Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed!

Presbytery Prayer Point 8.4.2020

Please see attached prayer for Wednesday 8th April.PPP.Week3.8.4.20

Changes to bin collections 6.4.2020

This is not Church related but is community related – As of 6.4.2020 Argyll and Bute Council have introduced a fortnightly bin collection.The timetable for West Kintyre (Kilchenzie to Tayinloan and including Gigha) is attached below.Areas from Tayinloan north are now Tuesdays.Please see Argyll and Bute website for more details.

Bin Collections West Kintyre and Gigha

Kintyre recycling have also restarted their collections -please see amended timetable below which covers all of West Kintyre. Can’t find any reference to Gigha. (Anne)

Kintyre Recycling

Poem – And People Stayed Home

The words of this  poem, ‘ And People Stayed Home’ written in 1869 by Kathleen O’Meara after the famine  are very appropriate over 150 years later.

Prayer Shawl Ministry 2.4.2020

Here is an update from our three parishes Prayer Shawl Ministry who, although unable to meet at present, are keeping busy.

Mrs Anne Wise with her prayer shawl.

Prayer Shawl


 April 2020

Read the April edition of our Church Chat newsletter here.Well done to Peter for producing it in difficult times.

Presbytery Prayer Point 1.4.2020

Please see attached prayer for Wednesday 1st April 2020PPP.Week2.1.4.20

Kirk Calling 27.3.2020

Rev Burton features on the Church of Scotland’s website in recognition of his efforts to keep everyone connected with the Church at a time when our buildings are closed.Well done Scott!

Sorry – can’t upload article for ‘security reasons’ but you can read it on the Church of Scotland’s website on the News page.

Presbytery Prayer March 27.3.2020

Presbytery Prayer Point 25.3.2020

Please see attached prayer for Wednesday 25th March 2020.PPP.Week1.25.3.20


Friends, as public worship can no longer take place in our public buildings for now, an online ‘service’ will take place here on this website at 11am on Sunday mornings.  Please go to the WORSHIP page on this website for more details.  Thankyou.

As we are forced into a church beyond our buildings and onto the internet to worship, this will cause further isolation for many who do not have the internet.  The minister has created a wee video to help us see how we can all help.  Please get involved and watch the video here:



Kintyre Chorale Concert 15.3.2020

The Kintyre Chorale Concert scheduled to take place on Sunday evening in A’Chleit Church has been postponed.It will be rescheduled for later in the year.

An important message from our Minister. 13.3.2020

Dear Friends

With the concerning global advance of COVID -19 (Coronavirus),we are seeking in our Churches here in West Kintyre and Isle of Gigha, to follow the advice from the National Church of Scotland departments who are meeting daily through a specially arranged Coronavirus Task Group.

Locally, our Minister will be minimising pastoral visits for the time being.This may appear counter intuitive given that it is exactly at a time like this that pastoral support might be deemed helpful. However, in the interests of minimising any potential spread of the virus, especially amongst the elderly and more vulnerable, pastoral care will primarily be offered via telephone. (Manse Number: 01583 421 086) or email Please do not hesitate to be in touch with Rev Scott E. Burton if you have any concerns.

Tayinloan Youth Club 6.3.2020

Children attending the Tayinloan Youth Club celebrated one of their leaders,Anne Littleson, being awarded Citizen of the Year by the Rotary Club of Campbeltown.Anne is also Session Clerk at A’Chleit.


World Day of Prayer 6.3.2020

Folk from Gigha,Clachan and Southend joined A’Chleit members to celebrate this year’s World Day of Prayer which had been prepared by the women of Zimbabwe. As part of the service,Anne Parkhouse, who had previously lived in the country, spoke of her time there.Members enjoyed fellowship, tea and home baking after the service.


CC42 Mar ’20

Read the March edition of our Church Chat newsletter here

Official opening of West Kintyre Community Playpark Tayinloan 8.2.2020

The official opening of the new Tayinloan Playpark took place on Saturday 8th February.Elders from A’Chleit had been at the forefront of this project for the past year and were delighted to see it come to fruition.After the ribbon was cut by Mrs Margaret Pratt,Convener of WKCC everyone retired to the Hall where refreshments, tea and cake were served.The occasion was also an opportunity for the local community to thank all the funders and supporters who had made the project a reality.




Killean & Kilchenzie Church Supper 7.2.2020

The Killean  & Kilchenzie Church Supper which was organised by our Fundraising Committee and  held in Tayinloan Hall was a great success.Following an excellent buffet meal the audience was entertained by Rev Scott Burton on guitar,Helen Steel on accordion and the singing trio of Johnny and Mandy Beveridge and Sheena Armour.Mr Calum Morrison was chairman for the evening and he also kept us all entertained with a range of stories and anecdotes.


CC41 Feb ’20

Read the February edition of our Church Chat newsletter here

Kintyre Primary Schools Badminton Competition 1.2.2020

Children from Glenbarr Junior Badminton Club played very well at the Primary Schools competition on Saturday 1st February.This was the 20th year of the event and amongst the  winners were Hannah McLellan who was awarded Best Effort and Alexander Semple who received a medal for being runner-up in the Primary 6 singles.




CC41 Jan ’20

Read the January 2020 edition of our Church Chat newsletter here.

Christmas Sunday Christening 22.12.19

Rev Burton carried out his first baptism at A’Chleit on Christmas Sunday when he baptised Marcus Craig Johnstone. Marcus’s family and friends were there to celebrate the special occasion.

Blytheswood Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

Each year Killean and Kilchenzie Guild ask for donations to this appeal and we fill shoe boxes with toiletries, household utensils, stationery etc to send to people in Eastern European countries.This year we filled fifty boxes!! Thank you to everyone who donated.


Christmas Services

Please see below for details of services which are taking place over the Christmas period. Everyone is very welcome at all or any of these events.

Advent Praise 8.12.19

This was a new service arranged by our organist Julius Weeks.Despite the atrocious weather conditions which unfortunately prevented our friends from Gigha attending, a large number of mainland folk braved the hail, thunder and lightning and enjoyed the lessons and carols and refreshments afterwards in the Hall.

Tayinloan Youth Club 6.12.19

Members of Tayinloan Youth Club have enjoyed participating in carpet bowls over the past five weeks and are very grateful to Joyce Oxborrow and Kathleen Mc Gougan from the Argyll Bowling Club in Campbeltown who have provided the coaching sessions.This was the last evening of 2019 and some of the adults joined in too!!


Stephanie was the star performer!!
Who’s coaching who here??






Killean & Kilchenzie Guild Christmas Dinner 6.12.19

A large number of Guild members and friends met in the Argyll Hotel,Bellochantuy where they enjoyed an excellent Christmas dinner and good company.


Messy Church 5.12.19

Almost seventy folk attended the Christmas Messy Church in Tayinloan Hall where children had the opportunity to do crafts, hear the message of the Christmas story and join in a family meal.Well done to all the organisers.

CC40 Dec ’19

Read the December edition of Church Chat here.

Life and Work December 2019

The December edition of Life and Work features an interesting article on Kilcalmonell Church by John R. Hume. John is a former colleague of Rev Burton and makes reference to him in the article.

Life and Work Dec 2019

Tayinloan Youth Club Nov/Dec 2019

Children attending the Tayinloan Youth Club are receiving bowls coaching from Joyce Oxborrow and Kathleen McGougan of the Argyll Bowling Club in Campbeltown.The sessions are being delivered over a five week period using a grant from the Church of Scotland’s Go For It Fund.

30 years service

Rev Scott Burton presented 30 years service certificates to Gigha elders Susan Allen and Alasdair Mc Neill.Congratulations to you both!


Remembrance Sunday 10.11.19

In keeping with the nation, folk gathered this morning at Gigha and Glenbarr War Memorials and at Clachan Memorial Gate to remember the fallen of two World Wars and in conflicts since.

Gigha held their own Church service and Clachan and A’Chleit held a joint service at A’Chleit which was very well attended.During the service Rev Scott Burton dedicated the pulpit fall which had been designed by the three Churches Prayer Shawl Ministry group in memory of our hub Minister Rev Catriona Hood.Also on display was a ceramic poppy which had been gifted to the Church from the display at the Tower of London.Hannah McLellan a member of the Sunday School laid a wreath at the foot of the pulpit which is also a memorial to the fallen.


Remembrance Sunday 10.11.19

All are welcome at the Glenbarr War Memorial on Sunday 10th November for a service of remembrance commencing at 10:45.


They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old.Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.

Harvest Thanksgiving Service 13.10.19

Our Harvest Thanksgiving service was celebrated at A’Chleit this morning and the Church was decorated by members from the north end of our Parish.Thank you to those involved and also to the many folk who donated to the Kintyre Food Bank.

Killean & Kilchenzie Guild Tea and Chat 9.10.19

Despite the fact that most of our summer visitors have returned home,the Guild Tea and Chat afternoon was well attended with the usual high standard of baking proving hard to resist!

Harvest Messy Church 3.10.19

The Harvest Messy Church was a great success with a large number of children attending from three Primary Schools in the linked charge.Thank you to all the parents, grandparents and helpers who came along to lend a hand.

All the crafts were great fun- especially the edible ones!
Rev Scott Burton brought along his guitar.


CC38 Oct ’19

Read the October edition of Church Chat here.

Badminton Coaching Sessions September 2019

Children who attend  Tayinloan Youth Club have recently enjoyed badminton coaching sessions in Glenbarr Hall.This has been possible using a grant provided by the Church of Scotland’s Go For It Fund.

Guild “Wee Big Sing” 7.9.2019

The Guild held its own Wee Big Sing in Tarbert which was well supported by members of congregations from across Argyll.Marion McDonald,a member of Killean & Kilchenzie and Guild Convener, led the event.Here she is with the Rev Scott Burton who had the Guild logo painted on his face at an event which he had attended earlier in the day!

Men’s Night Coffee Evening 5.9.2019

The men’s night coffee evening was a great success: this year it featured some of the activities which would normally be held at the Fun Day.Marilyn and Maggie’s hoopla had something for everyone,Rev Burton was in charge of the Lucky Square competition and Calum’s putting competition was as always very popular.The amount raised which included some very generous donations was £437 and Joan’s puzzle sheet which was won by Margaret Raeside raised £187.


Church Chat

Read our September edition of Church Chat here.

CC37 Sep ’19

Induction of Rev Scott Burton 10.8.19

The induction service for our new Minister, Rev Scott Burton took place in Kilcalmonell Church Clachan,on Saturday 10th August..This was followed by a reception in Clachan Village Hall.The Hall was packed as members of our three linked congregations were joined by representatives from Presbytery and by members from Scott’s former Church,St Matthew’s,Perth.

Rev Burton pictured outside Kilcalmonell Church after his induction to the Churches of West Kintyre and Gigha.
The reception in Clachan Village Hall






CC36 Aug ’19

Our editor Peter is going off on holiday, as a result CC for August has been published earlier than usual.

Thank you very much Peter for all the time you spend on this each month.

Farewell to Clive and Mary 28.7.19

We bid a fond farewell to Rev Clive and Rev Mary Pearson as their time in West Kintyre and Gigha came to an end.Clive had referred to their four months here as a bridge for the congregations from a time of sorrow (following the loss of Catriona ) to a time of hope with the imminent arrival of our new Minister.He also said how much he and Mary had enjoyed their stay and how they had marvelled at the views across the sound to Gigha, with Islay and Jura in the distance.It was appropriate that they were presented, as a leaving gift, with a photo of the sun setting across these islands.

Clive and Mary with the photograph of the scene     behind them .


Family Fun Day 22.7.19 

Further update – It was very fitting that the Guild Hamper was won by Cathie MacIntosh from Killegruer Caravan Site . Well done Cathie! The overall total raised now stands at £600.

The ‘K’ team!!
Cathie correctly guessed the value of the hamper.











Family Fun Day 21.7.19

Although the Fun Day was cancelled the folk on Killegruer Caravan Site were not deterred and set up stalls etc in Glenbarr Hall.A very big thank you to all who organised, contributed to and supported the event.The amazing total of £450 was raised plus another £80 in monetary donations in aid of A’Chleit Church!!



Killean & Kilchenzie Sale of Work 17.7.19

A’Chleit Church held its annual Sale of Work in Tayinloan Hall on Wednesday 17th July. Despite the heavy rain and gusty wind a large number of folk turned up to hear Rev Mary Pearson formally open the sale.There were several bargains to be had and a large raffle contributed to the excellent  total (as we went to Press!!) of £1266.

Rev Mary Pearson formally opens the Sale of Work.
Tea with home baking was very popular.



‘                      Get your raffle tickets ready!’








Joint Service 7.7.19

Rev Burton receives ‘The Call’
Voting is about to commence – standing room only !!


A’ Chleit Church Kintyre (above) was filled with members from our three linked congregations and several visitors to hear Rev Scott Burton preach for our vacant charge.Rev Burton’s sermon was entitled ‘Light in the dark’ and he also explained why he had applied for our vacancy.After the service members voted unanimously to call Rev Burton to be our Minister and we eagerly await his arrival in the next few weeks.


Tayinloan Youth Club

Before the Youth Club stopped for the summer the children enjoyed a craft evening which had been organised by one of the parents.


Joint Service 7.7.2019

Our three linked congregations will be holding another joint service this Sunday at A’Chleit Church at 11:30am when Rev Scott Burton will preach as sole nominee for our vacant charge.Voting will take place immediately after the service.We are very much looking forward to hearing Rev Burton.

Joint Service 30.6.2019

Members from Kilcalmonell and A’Chleit went overseas to Gigha for a joint service which was conducted by Rev.Christine Fulcher and Rev.Clive Pearson.It was lovely to see Gigha Church well filled and the singing was enhanced by the playing of our organist Julius Weeks.










Messy Church Games/ Barbecue  29.6.19

To kick off the summer holidays Messy Church held a fun afternoon on A’Chleit beach with games, toasted marshmallows and a BBQ.Thank you to all the helpers who made this possible and to the children and parents who came along. They were not deterred by a thunderstorm which threatened to spoil the party!!

Quiz Night (13.6.2019)

Killean & Kilchenzie fundraising committee held their annual Quiz Night in Tayinloan Hall. It was very well attended and those participating tried to answer questions on topics such as geography, American presidents and recent past copies of the Campbeltown Courier!!

We were also treated to home baking and tea/coffee at half time.

The event raised £263 for Church funds.Thank you to everyone on the Committee for arranging the evening and to all who came along to participate.


As there is a lot happening in the next few weeks here is a brief summary.

Sunday Worship during June and July

Church Chat 

Read our June edition of Church Chat here.CC34 June ’19

A’Chleit Art Group(25.5.2019 and 26.5.2019)

Over the last two days the Church Hall at A’Chleit was transformed into an art gallery as those who attend the Art Group displayed their paintings.The quality of the work on display was of a high standard and visitors to the gallery were also treated to tea/coffee and biscuits.

Coffee Evening(23.5.2019)

The first of Killean and Kilchenzie’s summer Coffee Evenings took place in Glenbarr Hall.A number of visitors were in attendance and over £260 was raised for Church funds. After the Coffee Evening members of the finance committee met to plan the programme of fundraising events over the summer months.

Rev Johnny Paton

Members of our community were shocked and saddened to hear of the death of our former Minister at A’Chleit, Johnny Paton who has died in a hill walking accident near Ullapool, where he was on holiday with his wife Cathy.Johnny was a highly respected and hard working  Minister who will be sorely missed.Our thoughts are with Cathy and Johnny’s family at this very difficult time.Tributes have also been paid on the Church of Scotland website.

Church Chat

Read our May edition of Church Chat hereCC33 May ’19

Support For Sri Lanka(5.5.2019)

During the course of last week we received an email from the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland asking congregations to display white ribbons in solidarity with the people of Sri Lanka and in memory of those who were killed or injured in the terrorist massacres.

These ribbons were on display at A’Chleit Church earlier today.













Click on the above link to read about how members of Killean and Kilchenzie Kirk Session are supporting the community of Tayinloan.

Tayinloan Youth Club

Another busy night at the Youth Club. Fund raising for a new playpark is going well and the children were delighted to hear that the Tayinloan Villagers Association has been awarded £2,500 from the Supporting Communities Fund.


Easter Day Beach Service

Our second beach service, also conducted by Marilyn Shedden, celebrated the risen Christ.As we stood listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore we were reminded of Jesus’ appearance to his disciples on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.Following the service all enjoyed a cooked breakfast in the Church Hall.







Easter Beach Service

Pupils from Glenbarr and Rhunahaorine Primary and Pre 5 unit acted out the Easter Story round the fire at A’Chleit beach. The symbolism of the events leading up to Easter Day was very effectively explained and demonstrated by the School Chaplain,Marilyn Shedden with the children participating.Later the children, accompanied by their teachers and a large number of parents and friends enjoyed a drink and hot cross bun in the Church Hall.




Easter Messy Church

The Easter Messy Church was a great success with 24 children and 20 adults in attendance.The children enjoyed a variety of crafts, heard the Easter Story and enjoyed sharing a meal.

Preparations for Easter Services(16.4.19)

In preparation for our Easter beach services the children from Rhunahaorine and Glenbarr Primary Schools decorated our daffodil cross. Doesn’t it look wonderful!!

Manse Open Day

Several members from our linked congregations took up Clive and Mary’s offer to visit them at the Manse.We would like to thank them for their hospitality and warm welcome.

Church Chat 

You can read our April edition of Church Chat here.

CC32 Apr ’19

Photograph in Life and Work

A photo of A’Chleit Church  taken by Anne Littleson,Session Clerk, has featured in the April 2019 edition of the Church of Scotland magazine,Life and Work.

Guild Tea and Chat Afternoon(3.4.19)

The Guild held their very popular Tea and Chat afternoon at A’Chleit Hall.It was very well supported by both locals and visitors and everyone enjoyed home baking and a hot cup of tea/coffee on what was a very cold day.

Prayer Shawl Ministry(3.4.19)

Rev Chris Fulcher who started the Prayer Shawl Ministry group several years ago celebrated a big birthday as she joined the  group to day.She received a basket of specially knitted Easter chicks as a present.Very best wishes Chris from the three linked congregations.

New Arrivals (30.3.19)

We’re delighted that Rev. Clive and Mrs Mary Pearson have arrived safely at the Manse in Muasdale which will be their home for the next 4 months.We look forward to welcoming them at Sunday worship.

Easter Chicks(30.3.19)

With Easter fast approaching our knitters (some of whom have had previous experience in the wool business!!) have been very busy knitting Easter chicks which contain an Easter egg.These are on sale from various outlets including Glenbarr Stores and the Argyll Hotel,Bellochantuy.

Muasdale Manse(29.3.19)

After a very busy couple of weeks the Manse is ready for the arrival of Rev.Clive Pearson and his wife Mary.Thank you to everyone who assisted in getting the work done on time and in particular our Property Convener,Marion McDonald.

        The kitchen

        The office


      The hall


      The double bedroom

     The double bedroom

     The twin bedroom




The lounge




Tayinloan Youth Club(22.3.19)

The youth Club at Tayinloan has restarted and is being supported by elders from A’Chleit. Several parents and a grandparent are also involved.

The children were given a challenge to build a tower from newspaper which could carry a paper plate with six beads. Working in teams,  all were successful!!

Joint World Day of Prayer Service

A World Day of Prayer Service was held on Friday 1st March in A’Chleit Church Hall.We were pleased to be joined by folk from Gigha,Clachan and Southend and Campbeltown.The service this year was prepared by the women of Slovenia and the table “decorations” reflected that. Members from the different congregations contributed to the readings and reflections and all enjoyed a cup of tea and chat after the service.



A’Chleit Church Supper

The A’Chleit fundraising committee held their first event of 2019 recently in Tayinloan Hall.A good turnout of Church and non Church folk enjoyed a splendid buffet supper followed by entertainment.One of our elders Stewart McMillan chaired the evening which was enjoyed by all.The excellent total, which included some very generous donations, was £630.



This is a popular activity enjoyed by both Church and non Church members.Men are also welcome!!


Twenty four Guild members and friends enjoyed Christmas Lunch recently at the Argyll Hotel Bellochantuy. We were delighted that Rev.Chris Fulcher,our new Hub Minister could join us.


The Prayer Shawl Ministry Group held an Open Day recently (with tea/coffee and home baking) to showcase all the work that they do.Later that day a shawl was gifted to a member of the congregation at A’Chleit who is in Campbeltown Hospital.


New Hub Minister Appointed

The Rev. Christine Fulcher has been appointed as Hub Minister to the vacant Parishes of Gigha & Cara lw Kilcalmonell lw Killean & Kilchenzie.Rev Fulcher took up her appointment on December 1st 2018.




The Rev. Catriona Anne Hood – Obituary

Occasionally in life, if we are fortunate, we meet someone who makes a difference.

Catriona Hood made a difference. Catriona made a difference in hundreds of lives, well over 800 in fact, if the numbers at her funeral alone are anything to go by.

She touched people wherever she went and left a mark on them.

She made people feel valued, because to Catriona they were valued.

Catriona was born in Campbeltown on 4th September 1966, the second child to Cath and James Hood.

Catriona was educated at Castlehill Primary and then at Campbeltown Grammar school.

Catriona went on to study English and Religious Education at Aberdeen University, where she formed an allegiance to the red strip of that town’s football team.

She qualified as a teacher in both subjects. Her first school was Invergordon Academy after which she worked in Plockton High School. However Argyll called her home and she became Head of English at Lochgilphead High School and subsequently a Depute Head.

Catriona then gained the post of Head Teacher at Tarbert Academy, then finally came full circle from one time pupil to become the first woman Rector of Campbeltown Grammar School.

Catriona had a special gift when it came to dealing with young people. She respected them, cared for them and about them, and they knew this.

She also had an outrageous sense of humour and shared her wonderful sense of fun enchanting many of us with her stories.

Gracious and gentle, kind and considerate, funny and faithful, enabler and encourager, Catriona made a difference.

She had a unique style of teaching and never tried to solve confrontation with further confrontation, but used her people skills to transform potentially difficult situations with reasoning and love.

However her other calling was to ministry in the Kirk.

Catriona’s father was a church of Scotland minister in Campbeltown, and Catriona grew up in a Christian home.

In 2006, Catriona was ordained as an Auxiliary Minister and devoted most of her spare time in her already busy job, to pastoring and ministering to folk in Kintyre.

People loved her, and loved her gentle unique ways. Catriona didn’t just guide people, she walked beside them on their journey. Catriona made a difference.

Finally Catriona responded to that call, that whisper of God that persisted in her life, and she became the first Hub Minister in Scotland.

This involved looking after six congregations in Kintyre and latterly a further six on Islay and Jura.

She thrived on this opportunity and challenge and she had a vision and a commitment that was making this pioneering form of ministry work.

She was a real God spark. She ignited enthusiasm and challenge to lead people forward to embrace new ways to take the gospel into the community, while retaining with respect and affection the old ways that are precious to so many.

Catriona fostered a genuine feeling of family in the Kirk and people loved her for it.

She was there when people needed someone and was in fact, a God-send in so many ways.

Catriona was also a very gifted musician and could double up as organist and preacher in these times when there is a shortage of both.

Catriona made a difference.

Her last nine months as full time Hub Minister brought Catriona great joy, especially when she saw her folk grow in faith and unity.

It was a dreadful shock when after a sudden and short illness Catriona’s health failed and she died in the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow on 19th September 2018.

Catriona leaves behind so many of us who will miss her immensely along with her sister Mairi and family.

Occasionally in life, if we are fortunate, we meet someone who makes a difference.

We were indeed fortunate to have known and loved Catriona Hood.

Marilyn Shedden


Men’s Coffee Evening – Thursday 6th September 2018 

This is a very popular event in the A’Chleit Church Calendar when the gentlemen of the congregation sport their ‘pinnies’ and serve coffee in a fundraising event.  Usual stalls and plenty chat and banter! As well as being a successful community event, we raised funds in the region of £400! Pretty good for an evening’s work!


Mairi Semple Flower Festival – 20th to 22nd July

The Mairi Semple Fund supports people throughout Kintyre and Gigha when they and their families are affected by cancer. The work of The Fund is widely respected throughout our area.  Most of the work is carried out by a committee comprising members from many of our local communities. Every two years, there is a Flower Festival which is an icon of our communities’ charity calendar.  The churches in our linked charge support the charity significantly.  Our members and Elders serve on the committee and volunteer regularly to support fund-raising events. The Flower Festival took place in A’Chleit Church and, together with teas and coffees, raised nearly £2000 over the weekend.

On the theme of ‘Enjoy’, flowers were arranged to reflect love of gardening, music, the seasons, dog-walking and several more…..



Sunday 22nd JulyA’Chleit Church Fun Day at Killegruer, Glenbarr

Our Fun Day was enjoyed by all who attended – with several participants being three generations of the same families. We also welcomed many visitors and holiday-makers. Stalls, sports, home baking and competitions all added to event – and to the total raised which is £1156.60. There is, however, more to this event than fundraising. Here is one of many examples of how our church works successfully in and with our community in providing a family event for local folk and visitors alike.



Wednesday 18th July at 7.30pm – Killean and Kilchenzie (A’Chleit) Guild Church Sale of Work

A lovely summer’s evening brought members, friends and visitors to A’Chleit Guild Sale of Work. This was opened by Mrs Pat McMillan, immediate past Guild President, who spoke of how well community and church integrate and support one another. Total raised to be announced shortly……


July 2018 –  Kilcalmonell (Clachan) Guild Church Sale of Work

Clachan has held a very successful Sale of Work and enjoyed welcoming members its own community, visitors, friends from the other churches in the linked charge and from the wider Hub. Sales of books, crafts, home produce and baking combined with the usual stalls and teas/coffee to raise £806.00.


June 2018 – Messy Church BBQ

Our Messy Church BBQ took place on Sunday 24th June on a glorious sunny A’Chleit Beach.  This was an Argyll-wide family event including all three parishes and friends from Messy Church from Campbeltown in South Kintyre to Tayvallich in North Argyll.  This was a great opportunity for fun and fellowship. We deepened existing Messy Church relationships and made new friends too.






June 2018 – Joint Service on Gigha

A’Chleit and Clachan congregations were invited to Gigha Church for morning worship on Sunday 24th June.  The weather could not have been better as members from Clachan and A’Chleit set off on the ferry. The atmosphere shared by friends from both congregations (and with Kilberry from our Hub) matched the warmth and vibrancy of the sunshine!

Marilyn Shedden led worship and preached while Catriona Hood (Hub Minister) played the organ.  We are versatile in West Kintyre and Gigha Church of Scotland!

This was a day of many memories including the sight of the congregations walking up the hill from the slipway to church, the joint choir from three congregations, an excellent sermon and the celebration of old and new friendships.



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June 2018 – Quiz Night and Calendar Photograph Choice

A’Chleit Fundraising Committee hosted a Quiz Night in Tayinloan Hall on Thursday 14th June.  Friends from throughout Kintyre joined together to form teams for a night of competition, fun and supper. This evening is part of the series of events arranged by A’Chleit Fundraising Committee. During the quiz, we also chose photographs for the 2019 A’Chleit Church Calendar. Featuring the work of local photographer, Marilyn Shedden, this calendar of scenes from Kintyre is appreciated throughout the peninsula and raises significant funds for A’Chleit Church.


June 2018 – Gigha welcomes Cruise Ship to Church and Community

Gigha Church family hosted close to 100 guests from Australia and New Zealand – passengers on a visiting Cruise Ship on Tuesday 12th June. The Village Hall was full of folk enjoying chatting with local residents / church members. Teas/Coffees and home baking were very much appreciated and the entire morning was a great success. It was good to learn about the various churches attended by some of our guests.  Tourists and visitors to the island, who are not part of the cruise, were also welcomed and it was great to be joined by friends from A’Chleit Church as well.


June 2018 – Prayer Shawl Ministry

The Prayer Shawl Ministry continues its traditional role of knitting and crocheting shawls and blankets.  The team is also preparing a variety of craft-work to meet new needs.  Gifts to the Children’s Hospital are much appreciated.  The Hospital is having a Harry Potter themed day in July and our ladies are busy preparing scarves and hats in Hogwart’s House colours!  It is brilliant to work with such an adaptable, responsive and up to date team!