With the Coronavirus taking over ever aspect of our lives currently, worship will not take place in any of our church buildings for the foreseeable future.  This does not mean that the church is stopped or closed.  As the children’s hymn says,

“The church is not a building, the church is not a steeple,
the church is not a resting-place, the church is a people.”

“I am the church, you are the church . . . “

If you are worshipping with us via the link below, welcome, wherever you are.
The service is pre-recorded so, actually, you can tune in at anytime that suits.
However, if it works for you, I’m inviting as many people as possible to tune in at 11am (GMT) so that we can all be “together in our isolation”.  
Grab yourself a coffee or tea to drink, and a candle to light, and invite God to be present with you as you seek to be with God:
“Dear Lord,
this new situation is so alien and so strange. 
But thank you that we can worship together
through the wonders of modern technology.
Bless us as we continue to be your worshipping community
even though we cannot attend
the sanctuaries that we know so well. 
Be with all those who cannot join us today. 
Wherever they may be,
may they know your love, grace and peace.  
Come, Lord, come.

If you can, using your landline, please telephone someone you know who does not have the internet.  Have a wee chat first, then invite them to listen into this online service with you.  Put the volume up on your internet device and place the mouthpiece of your landline beside the speaker of your internet device.  Hopefully, the person at the other end of the telephone will be able to tune in this way.  After the service finishes, have a wee chat again.  You may even want to discuss what you thought of what the minister said or the format of what has been presented.  If you’ve comments, you can feed them back.

Friends, God is with is.  Let us worship God.


This week week our minister, Rev Scott E. Burton, and friends from around the country, lead us in thoughts about Jesus call to, “Come, follow me.”  Enjoy.
The service can now be found here.
(143) Sunday 17th January – YouTube

The blessing of God the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit
Be with you all
And all those you love,
This day and forevermore.

check in here for a service of worship where,
though we are apart, we can worship as one.
Thank you.

All previous weeks  worship can be found here:

(131) west kintyre and gigha churches – YouTube

In ordinary times, our public worship takes place every Sunday in each of our three churches – unless a special joint service has been arranged.

Clachan Church 10.00

Gigha Church  11.00

A’Chleit Church 11.30

Services are led by our Minister or a Local Worship Leader*.



At present, services are largely conducted by one leader each Sunday although  members of the congregations share in giving the Scripture Reading from time to time.  We sing from CH4 and enjoy a variety of praise from traditional Psalms to new songs and hymns.  Our new songs work well to familiar tunes and Scottish tunes and we can also learn completely new praise. A’Chleit Church and Clachan have an organ and organist while Gigha Church lead praise with a digital hymnal.

If the ferry to Gigha is cancelled due to adverse weather, an Elder always has a service ready and stands in.  Gigha also has a new worship leaders’ team which is growing in experience.

*Local Worship Leaders are volunteers from within our congregations who have taken part in a training course to conduct services. There is a team of four experienced Local Worship Leaders. They devise and write their own services and do so to a high standard, often receiving  positive feedback from the congregations for sermons which help our understanding of Scripture and its application in our lives. Worship is also often led by a Lay Worship Leader – an Elder trained by the Presbytery of Glasgow who is a former Moderator of the Presbytery of Argyll. All these people are a significant support to our new Minister.